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For decades, the BEST brand has been a symbol for quality and innovation - this is the judgement of many specialist retailers and corporate customers. Continuing this tradition is an ongoing incentive and obligation for us, so you can benefit from a wide range of first-class sports, outdoor and leisure products all year round.


„Our drive is the passion for the business and the idea“

Lars Küper
Managing Director

Sustainability concerns us all!

It's the mix that makes it...

We provide the right goods, at the right time, at the right place

The salt in the soup…

Over 40 years ago, the merchant Bernd Stüssel had a vision that continues to shape our company in the 2nd generation: The banishment of sports and leisure products from loveless shelves and tubs, to appealing assortments and attractive framework conditions, through which very different customer needs are specifically addressed and customised. Naturally, this includes a coherent packaging concept and, since October 1978, a nationwide sales force.

Over the years, we have researched and actively helped to shape many trends and have also developed a feeling for exciting and current products and ranges that help our retail partners to achieve impressive and high-turnover sales and promotions.
Detecting new trends, following them and establishing them in the customer's interest - that is our maxim.

By the way, customers and suppliers appreciate our “hanseatic principles”, which determine our daily actions then as now: Sophistication, honesty, reliability and restraint.

We act consciously and sustainably; the protection of natural resources is important to us.

As early as the beginning of the 1980s, our company was one of the first in Germany which joined a packaging recycling system. We also pay meticulous attention to cardboard and printing qualities as well as printing processes in order to create sustainability. We also avoid the use of plastic packaging almost completely or rely on contemporary and sustainable recyclables here as well. In this sense, our products are subject to regular tests, whereby we cooperate with various renowned testing institutes.

We are personally familiar with all the production sites of our products; in this context, too, we pay the utmost attention to compliance with standards and regulations.

In our company, we like a good mix of experienced, prudent colleagues with a lot of practical knowledge and younger, innovative employees with a lot of enthusiasm and fresh ideas. In this way we create very different perspectives, experiences and qualifications in the sense of an optimal process chain.

Each member of the team brings his or her own individual skills and talents to the table in order to meet very different requirements and develop ideas and solutions. This is what sets us apart and saves our clients a lot of work. Whether it's market-specific requirements, regional conditions in the countries of origin in Asia, logistical challenges or legal issues, our team is prepared and happy to take on these challenges. After all, it takes a little more to move goods from A to B.

Our service does not end with delivery - we ensure the right goods, at the right time, in the right place.
We also support you with an all-round service package by offering additional services, here using a soccer ball as an example:
We pack and pump up balls, place the goods in the markets, regularly and reliably ensure replenishment, take care of any complaints and repair a defective item on request.

We enjoy this, also because our customers appreciate this service very much and don't want to miss it any more. We call this “added value”, which saves our customers money and a lot of thought.

The journey from a production in the manufacturing country, the transport to our warehouse and finally to our end customer, that is sometimes a long journey.

Although goods from the Far East are no longer transported by sailing ships, today's supposedly modern times also bring many challenges. Smooth processes need a committed influence, and that is exactly where we see our commitment. Hand in hand with all those involved, we succeed in scheduling goods shipments on time and in a way that can be planned. However, daily surprises are like "the salt in the soup" for us. This gives our task the spice and the flavor so that it tastes even better!

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